About me

and why you need me in your life

I’m Colette, a self-confessed story nerd – or story strategist if I’m being professional. I’ve spent my whole career telling stories, making them up, and helping people like you find the gold dust in yours.

For 10 years, I was a BBC TV and political correspondent. On screen, you would often see me live on air talking with my hands (still do that) but behind the scenes, my antennae were fine tuned to extract the meaning from muddle, putting into 20 words what it took many an interviewee 500 to articulate.

In my time, I interviewed top politicians, industry leaders, Hollywood stars and covered cases of serial killers and terrorist attacks. To my friends though, I’ll always be the reporter who brought news of a killer turtle invasion to our screens. 

I left the BBC in 2012 because the psychological thriller I’d been not so secretly writing in the newsroom got me a two-book deal and then another after that. My books have been published in US, Germany, Spain, Holland, France and Italy. I’m still writing -honest- but my new book is late. Very late. 

In between writing, I got geeky about the science of storytelling and audience engagement. And because I missed telling other people’s stories, I developed a corporate storytelling course. So far, it’s hit the UK, Australia, Canada, Italy Germany, France and Spain. 

But here in the online world is where I love to hang out, helping coaches and passion driven entrepreneurs like you craft magnetic stories that sell, step into the spotlight and grow one-of-a-kind personal brands with video. 

FAQ  (the questions people ask before working with me)

  • How can I overcome the fear of showing up on screen?
  • How do I know which stories are relevant for my audience?
  • What if I freeze on camera and lose my thread?
  • Why would anyone be interested in what I’ve got to say?
  • Are you seriously asking me to go on screen with this hair?
  • What if Mary judges me?

Frequently voiced statements (after working with me)

  • I feel like I’ve been let into a secret.
  • Thanks for showing me the wild side!
  • Colette has helped me to say what I really want to say – rather than what I thought I *should* say and then shown me how to craft my message in a meaningful and engaging way.
  • I had already done other group sessions and online courses about storytelling and always felt I was going round in circles. Working with Colette was major turning point, I just wish I found her sooner.
  • My head is buzzing with content ideas.
  • Who knew lives could be so much fun?
  • Screw Mary (OK, no one actually said that.)

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